Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Please bear with me while I rebuild my site.  Thank you.

-DJ Entropy


  1. This thesis on theoretical math and applied to usage within game logic is mind twisting.

    Nobody else likes to get math twisted but you, Ent...

  2. Why do you even have a DJ website? No one's ever going to book a pedophile, rapist. Climb under a rock dude. You've got some fucking balls still trying to show your face at events. Do you really have that little of shame? Do you have any remorse for what you've been doing to women (and men) for 20+ years? Do you have any remorse for trying to rape me in my sleep? Touching my 15 year old daughter inappropriately and going into her room while she was sleeping? Why don't you turn yourself in and take some accountability for your disgusting actions?! Oh cause you're a little pussy, that's right. Still shitting and pissing into your adult diapers? Karma's a bitch isn't it?

  3. @ Djentropy are you going to respond to this girl? She is simply asking you a few questions. I was just browsing looking for a DJ to hire and I came across this. Answer her questions. The sound of crickets is the sound of guilt as far as I am concerned. I have no idea who Lady E is. But what I DO know is at the VERY LEAST she deserves is some answers. You lost my possible business.